Coastal Schools

P5 cycling to Coastal School each weekEvery Thursday P5 are cycling to Findhorn to visit the beach and learn more about the local coastline with its varied flora and fauna. Local Charity WildThings have organised a series of six half-day visits once a week to coastline nearby. The children have the opportunity to investigate their local coastline through games, play and hands-on activities. P5 collecting coastal plant life to make a hat as part of Wild Things Coastal Classroom. Some were more successful than othersThey collected examples of coastal plants on sticky paper and made their own hats. They searched the beach and dunes for as many different plants as they could find. The pieces were stuck to the sticky paper and then the hat was put on. Some collected larger pieces which made less successful hats. Others needed an adjustment in the hat size. Collecting examples of coastal plants week 2
Next week the children are goint to visit Hopeman beach.

Coastal school week 1