Level 2 Bikeability Award

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Bikeability Scotland Level 2 teaches children how to ride a bike safely on the road and navigate basic junctions. The training is intended to be delivered to Primary 6 children and should be delivered in on-road in a risk assessed location
More Information on Bikeability Scotland Level 2
Download the PDF documents for level 2 (see Cyclists’ Guide on left hand side of the web page)

On successful completion of Level 2, students will be able to:

*    Start and finish a journey by road, including passing parked cars;
*    Be aware of everything around them and signal their intentions to other road users;
*    Position themselves properly on the road and pass side roads;
*    Use junctions including turning left and right into major and minor roads;
*    Use the Highway Code and understand their responsibilities as road users.

Kinloss Primary School Burghead Road IV36 3SX