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P7 Leavers Assembly

The final day of the Kinloss Primary School Summer term began in traditonal style with the P7 Assembly. The children and their teacher, Miss Mair had worked hard to write and produce a varied and entertaining program of drama, singing, heartfelt memories of schooldays and demonstations of the skills and talents of this year’s P7 pupils. At a wonderful assembly the P7 leavers shook hands with the rest of their school. Good Luck P7 at your new secondary schools in August 2013. We hope everyone has a restful holiday and returns refreshed ready for a new exciting Autumn Term at Kinloss in August 2013


Sports Day 2013

On Tuesday the children,staff and parents had another enjoyable Sports Day. The weather stayed dry and all the races went smoothly due to the organisational skills of Mrs Bichan (the PE specialist) and support of Kinloss Staff and the children who took part. Kinloss parents had their own opportunity to join in with the Mums’ and the Dads’ obstacle races. Finally when all the marks were added up for this event and few others held through the year it was Aigan House which got its name of the winners cup for the first time for many years.

After the successful event a group of enthusiastic group of parents supplied a waiting crowd with delicious home-made baking and refreshing tea, coffee or juice.

A Gallery page on this website has a wide range of photographs of the event.
There are a selection of photographs below.

Inter-School Sports June 2013

A team of 12 pupils from P4 to P7 represented the school at the Inter-School Sports held on June 7th at Elgin Academy. The team won a range of medals for their efforts and once again demonstrated the supreme athletic, cross school abilities and aptitudes of our pupils. Thanks to the pupils for their outstanding efforts.

Overall our school came third in the “B” category (based on school size).

The boys team gained a silver medal in relay and the girls team a bronze.


P2 pupils have been engaging in the first stage of their Bikeability, which is the Road Safety Unit for the early cycling operated under the auspices of the Police Road Safety Scheme. We are most fortunate that two of our support staff Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Harper are both trained as Trainers in this scheme and are able to deliver the induction and training to our younger pupils. The training has gone well to date and the children seem to be confident on their bicycles.

Health Week

In May we had a wonderful week of Health and Wellbeing focused-activities including Bouncy castle, Whole School Run, Cycling, Eat Well Plate, Rugby, Skipping, Zumba, Parachute, Kick boxing, Teeth and a Drug Game. The weather was kind and pupils from Nursery-P7 had a brilliant week to allow the focus on health and wellbeing which delivered across the school in an ongoing manner to be highlighted at a time when children and families are preparing for the summer break. Thanks to Mrs Riddell for the planning, management and organisation of this yet again.

Here are a series of Images from Health week

Social Enterprise Fruit Sorbet in P6

P6 pupils took part in the Social Enterprise by creating and selling Fruit Sorbet raising funds for developing education in  third world country. The activity followed on from the P4’s Taste of Scotland and their Coffee Morning and the P2- P7 Christmas Cake sale which started the ball rolling for Social Enterprise. We intend to continue to develop this next session with more classes and more pupils getting involved in a variety of pupil-led activities and events.