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Forres Rotary Cycling Competition

Seven schools in the local ASG competed in the annual competition run by our Road Safety Officer in conjunction with the Rotary Club.  The competition is in two parts, a written quiz and then a practical.  Kinloss Primary won both sections and achieved the highest score to date.


Moray Olympic Torch Relay

On Wednesday 13th June the Moray Olympic Torch Relay came to Kinloss Primary School. The Kinloss Orienteering team were chosen to take part in the Moray Torch Relay.The Torch had been carried round all the local schools.  The Kinloss team ran from one end of the village to the other and then passed the torch to a team of adults who continued onto the next school in the area.

Here are some pictures of the activities on the day.

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Moray Music Festival

On Wednesday 14th March Kinloss Primary School went to the Moray Music Festival in Elgin Town hall. The schools came by bus.

When the schools go there they got their photos taken. Eight schools were there. Kinloss Primary 5 and 6 sang songs. The first song was called Sunrise and the second song was Rhino on the run. They were joined by a Primary 6 boy playing a cymbal. One person from each school went on stage and got a certificate for their class. It said Moray Music Festival 2012 on the front of it.