Class 1 P1/2H Miss Hardie

P1/2 are learning about Dinosaurs this term. We have looked at where they lived in the world, how big they were and what their characteristics they had. We enjoy discussing and sorting the different types. We have learned about palaeontologists and we made dinosaur bones and fossils and buried them in our school garden. Later this term, we are going to create dinosaur eggs and wait for them to hatch. Children are all very engaged in this topic and enjoy extending their learning at home.

In Term 2, we will be doing Enterprise. Children will decide on products that they want to make and sell at our Christmas Fayre. We will look at where we can buy materials and plan how we are going to create the products.

We will work together to make the products, decide on prices, make price tags and design posters to advertise the Fayre to others.

We will also learn about money throughout this context, so we can use what we have learned when we sell our products to parents and members of the community.


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