Class P7R Rutherford

P7RP7R will be learning about Local and Global Differences during Context for Learning this term. We will be studying the landscapes and features of Scotland and China and comparing the similarities and differences between the two countries. We will also look at what the land is used for and other economic factors as well. After the October break we will be following Kinloss Primary tradition to learn enterprise skills about how to run and set up a small business. We will also be looking forward to running and producing the school Christmas Show and making preparations for the P6/7 Evening Christmas Dance at the end of term. 

P7R tickle pink good work green for growth more practiceDuring Literacy lessons, the class will be focusing on Higher Order Reading skills to develop both their fluency in reading and understanding of the texts they are reading in class. In Writing, we will be focussing on report and comparative report writing initially before moving onto how to persuade others and then writing different styles of poetry. In Numeracy lessons we will be covering the core foundations of place value, addition, subtraction, times tables and money in number based maths. During more practical sessions we will be focusing on time, chance and uncertainty, data handling and angles work. For Health and Wellbeing, the class will be learning key emotional and social support strategies including mindfulness and how to maintain a growth mindset. We will also be learning about nutrition, health and safety, and food and textiles.


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