BULLYING (extract from the School Handbook)

Link to the Respect Me websiteUseful link   www.respectme.org.uk

Incidences of potential bullying will be taken very seriously. We will try to help children to resolve any issues that arise. Please contact us if there is a matter causing your child concern.

Bullying, kicking, throwing stones and any other kinds of anti-social behaviour which may cause injury, are dangerous and unacceptable. The school operates a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour, including bullying.

Leaflets and fuller information on Bullying, Disability Discrimination and Race Relations is available from The Moray Council by telephoning the respective number, emailing or accessing the web page on the council website. (See Appendix A for these contact details.)

Appendix A – related link http://www.moray.gov.uk/moray_standard/page_52988.html
N:B If the above link does not work please search for it via Google using the keywords
Moray Council Information for parents


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This is the website for Kinloss Primary School in Moray