Class Organisation

Children are grouped in classes according to age. In the first year of school, children are known as Primary 1, in their second year as Primary 2 and so on – up to Primary 7, at which stage they would usually transfer to Forres Academy.

Scottish State Secondary Education is generally comprehensive so there is no selection examination.

Under staffing arrangements nationally the staff/pupil ratio means that there may be composite classes. This is a feature of the majority of primary schools. Whilst considering the nature of primary education in Scotland almost all the classes are composite in so far as the classes are taught in a group situation most of the time and depending on the needs of the individual child. The maximum class size for a single year group is 25 for primaries 1, 2, 30 for primary 3 and 33 for primaries 4-7 and for a composite class 25 is the maximum.

The following points are essential in the successful organisation of pupils’ learning:
– The work should be appropriate to the child’s stage of development.
– The personal experiences and interests should be considered for the  development of knowledge and understanding.
– The curriculum is a 3-18 curriculum, “A Curriculum for Excellence” which is in the early stages of development and embedding within the school.
– All members of the school community should set the standards of a caring, respectful environment.
– To achieve work of real quality, children need time, encouragement and
appropriate resources.
– Children should be encouraged to ask questions and tackle problems, to help develop an enquiring mind.


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