Houses & Pupils’ Council

All children are assigned to a ‘House’. Throughout the year a series of House Competitions are held. These consist of several events spread over the year, culminating in the School Sports held in June. Other events include the usual team games, crosscountry running, a quiz, models art competitions etc., some involving teams and others the entire house.

The four houses are called Aigan (Blue), Morven (Red), Rinnes (Green) and Wyvis (Yellow). The houses are named after mountains found to the north, south and east of Kinloss.

House Captains
House Captains (Primary 7 pupils) are chosen each year by completing an application form and undergoing selection by members of The Senior Management Team after successful interview. Duties of those chosen will vary throughout the year.

Pupils’ Council Representatives
Fourteen children represent pupils from primary 4 – 7. Any child from these classes may stand for selection to represent the Pupil’s Council. The Council holds regular meetings with staff and make decisions, which benefit the rest of the pupils and promote the well being of the whole school. Recent initiatives have included the provision of goal posts for the football team; log benches, a green house, window boxes and floral tubs around the school. The New Community Schools initiative has 2 student council members from Primary 6 & 7 who meet at ForresAcademy on a regular basis.


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