Class P3/4O Mrs Crump

This term we are studying the following Science topics:-

  • Forces including pushing and pulling
  • Magnetism

Last term we were covering the topic of Vikings.

Then we looked at Castles until the end of term. We learnt about the parts of  the castle. We have learnt about the parts of the castle, who lives there and currently about knights. We have also learnt about weapons.

Last term we did a topic on Enterprise.

We made Love hearts, stockings and carols.

In ICT /Computing we have been learning about:-

  • We looked at life before and after technology. We made a class A4 page using our own small clipart-size drawing.
  • How technological developments have changed every day and the things we use. We created a mind map using Kidspiration.
    Improving our word skills and learning again about the snipping tool app in Programs/Accessories
  • We have been learning to type faster and with accuracy using online typing website. Examples include Big Brown bear learn to type
  • Different picture (graphic ) file types. We made a PowerPoint with animated gifs which danced and moved when we ran the slideshow.We used the programming tool – Scratch to create a simple cat and mouse game using random operators and an if statement.
  • We also looked at the use of repeat loops in our programs.
  • We also created our own dress-up game based on the Scratch example program- Dress -up with Tera Scratch game .
    We also found out how we  can move sprites and draw our own backdrops.
  • How to type faster and where all the keys are on the keyboard
  • we have been looking at the CBBC newsround website to find out about the latest news stories around the world.

” I enjoyed ICT – looking at the Newsround stories” by Kaitlin P3/4

“My favourite animated gif was the dancing banana” by Cain P3/4


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