Class P3/4O Mrs Crump

Last term we did a topic on Enterprise.

We made Love hearts, stockings and carols.

In ICT /Computing we have been learning about

  • How technological developments have changed every day and the things we use. We created a mind map using Kidspiration. Here is an example >>>>>>>
  • Improving our word skills and learning again about the snipping tool app in Programs/Accessories
  • We have been learning to type faster and with accuracy using online typing website. Examples include Big Brown bear learn to type
  • Different picture (graphic ) file types. We made a PowerPoint with animated gifs which danced and moved when we ran the slideshow.
  • scratch catWe used the programming tool Scratch to create a simple cat and mouse game using random operators and an if statement.
  • How to type faster and where all the keys are on the keyboard
  • we have been looking at the CBBC newsround website to find out about the latest news stories around the world.

” I enjoyed ICT – looking at the Newsround stories” by Kaitlin P3/4

“My favourite animated gif was the dancing banana” by Cain P3/4


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