Class P4R Mr Rutherford

This term P4R are studying a Science topic.

P4R have been learning about Vikings last term.

We have been learning about:

  • Where the Vikings came from
  • Where they settled
  • How they travelled
  • About Viking food and farming
  • Weapons and armour
  • Viking /Norse Gods
  • Famous Battles
  • Where and why Up Helly Aa Festival in Shetland is held

The class are now moving onto Castles as a topic.

Last term we were involved in a whole school topic on Enterprise. We chose what to make and made several products, which were then sold at the Enterprise fair.

We made clay models, soaps and pine cone decorations.

In ICT/Computing we have been learning :-

  • communication mind map creating using the Kidspiration programHow technological developments have changed every day life and the things we use. We created a mind map using Kidspiration. Here is an example >>>>>>>
  • Improving our word skills and learning again about the snipping tool app in Programs/Accessories
  • finding out  devices which have a computer in them.
  • drawing our own linear (e.g. getting dressed for school) and branching algorithms (e.g. shall we go to the cinema? – which has lots of choices)
  • talking about Internet Safety and looking at the Thinkuknow website.
    We watched an interesting article on CBBC Newsround about the online gaming websites and how to safe safe.We have been using the programming tool – Scratch in a variety of ways including :-
  • creating our own dress-up game based on the Scratch example program- Dress -up with Tera Scratch game .
  • designing our own Scratch sprites based on a variety of themes.
  • how to type faster and where all the keys are on the keyboardladybird drawn in Scratch by Charlotte P4R
  • how to use the Scratch programming tool to create a simple cat and mouse game. In coding we learnt about forever loops, changing costumes and event handler e.g. when clicked
  • learning about file types including animated gifs (which often dance or move like a very short cartoon)

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