Scratch Coding

We have been using Scratch Programming language with P3 – P7 to code in a variety of ways including games, interactive stories, music and art.
There are lots of Scratch help cards on the website and we have used the Royal Society’s “Starting with Scratch”.

We have learnt and applied scratch catseveral basic computer programming concepts including :-

  • repeat and forever loops
  • variables e.g. timer, score and lives e.g. in a chase game
  • x and y co-ordinates to place a sprite in a certain place on the stage
  • use of operators e.g. randomly changing the movement of a sprite such as a mouse or fish to make a chase game more interesting.
  • playing a specific note for a specific time so as to create a piece of music
  • broadcasting and receiving messages to allow one sprite to talk and interact with another sprite or to start a game with a start button
  • adding in formulas and variables to create multi- shape patterns
  • remixing other people’s games and re-sharing


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