Class P3 Mrs Norrie

This term we are studying the following Science topics:-

  • Forces including pushing and pulling
  • Magnetism

Last term we were covering the topic of Vikings. The we looked at Castles until the end of term.

We have been learning about:

  • Where the Vikings came from
  • Where they settled
  • How they travelled
  • About Viking food and farming
  • Weapons and armour
  • Viking /Norse Gods
  • Famous Battles
  • Where and why Up Helly Aa Festival in Shetland is held

We are now moving onto Castles.

Last term we were involved in a whole school topic on Enterprise. We chose what to make and made several products, which were then sold at the Enterprise fair.


One thought on “Class P3 Mrs Norrie”

  1. This week’s worker of the week was Joshuah! Well done,
    We have been practising telling the time and adding in maths. In writing, we produced some work titled “All about me”. This has helped the teachers to learn more about us.
    We have also been learning about how to be a good friend.
    Have a nice weekend everyone! from P3LN

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