Class P6D Mr Davidson/ Mrs Webster

Class Teacher- Mr Davidson / Mrs Webster (Tuesday)

This term we are studying  the following Science topic – Forces

Last term we were studying the topic of World War Two.

We learnt about :-

  • how the war is thought to have started, reasons, location etc….
  • rationing of food and other items
  • evacuation of children from the cities
  • the Blitz
  • the role of the different armed forces

Activities included:-

  • writing a haiku poem about WW2
  • writing newspaper reports in first person

In Maths we have been studying symmetry, area, angles and triangles,

Last term we did a whole school topic on Enterprise. We chose to make several products, which were then sold later in the term at the Enterprise/PSG Xmas Fayre.

We made Christmas-related cookies, countdown snowman and pencil pots in a variety of designs.

In ICT/Computing we have been learning about:-

  • Using the Microsoft Publisher program the class created a booklet
    transportation mind map created in Kidspiration
  • How technological developments have changed every day life and the things we use. We created a mind map using Kidspiration.
  • Improving our word skills and learning again about the snipping tool app in Programs/Accessories
  • Finding out about devices which have a computer in them.
    drawing our own linear (e.g. getting dressed for school) and branching algorithms (e.g. shall we go to the cinema? – which has lots of choices)
  • talking about Internet Safety and looking at the Thinkuknow website.
    We watched an interesting article on CBBC Newsround about the online gaming websites and how to safe safe.
  • designing our own Scratch sprites based on a Halloween theme.
  • watching CBBC Newsround to learn more about National and International News.
  • We used Microsoft Word to practice our keyboard skills by typing up the Spike Milligan poem – Granny. We added a border then changed the font colour and type if we had time.
  • heart pattern hex code
    heart pattern hex code – an example of code for a BBC Micro Computer

    Used the Microcomputer- Microbits to make scrolling messages and other codes. BBC Microbit website

    We have been using the programming tool – Scratch in a variety of ways including :-

  • creating our own dress-up game based on the Scratch example program- Dress -up with Tera Scratch game 
  • how to use the Scratch programming tool to create a simple cat and mouse game. In coding we learnt about forever loops, changing costumes, adding variables (timer and score) and event handler e.g. when clicked
  • designing our own Scratch sprites based on a variety of themes.

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  • how to type faster and where all the keys are on the keyboard
  • learning about file types including animated gifs (which often dance or move like a very short cartoon)

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