Australia topic links

Aboriginal wildlife paintings–  BBC Class clips film

Australian Government Disaster Resilience Program for SchoolsAustralian Government Disaster Resilience for Schools website
Floods, Bushfire, Drought, Cyclone, Earthquake, Severe Storms, Tsunami, Heatwave, Pandemic, Human Caused, Volcano, Climate change and finally Landslide.

before the stormWould you survive a severe
Play the Before the Storm Game online



Australian Weather- Class resources

Australian Citizenship Day

Australian government classroom resources

Australian Government Classroom resources
Numerous resources for schools
including minerals, geological time, tsunamis, Marine and coastal, energy and much more…

National Archive of Australia- explore film, history, voice etc…

Australian Governement Whales and Dolphins informationAustralian Government Whales and Dolphins Resources for Schools
Find out more about the different types of Whales and Dolphins in Australian waters, ecolocation, watch videos of Minke whales and listen to whale songs.Australian Citizenship Day
Learn about being an Australian Citizen- Australian Citizenship Day is a special day to reflect on and celebrate being an Australian citizen. There are several interactive games allowing children to explore the idea of being an Australian citizen.

Geoscience Basics
Fabulous facts about Australia’s Geology (Rocks and landforms)
Link to Australia Through TimeAustralia through Time
How has Australian changed in geological time?
Map showing land tenure categories. Copyright Geoscience Australia.Land Tenure
Discover how much land is dedicated as nature conservation reserve and the proportion of public to privately-held land.
How big, dry, wet is Australian?
Central Australian landscapeLandforms
What does Australia look like? How many deserts does it have? How tall is the highest mountain? How tall is the tallest warefall?

BBC Class Clips links  -Australia

Postcard from Australia – SEN

  • A series of images reflecting the culture and the physical and natural features of Australia with musical accompaniment.

Transportation to Australia, 1787

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