Earth’s Materials and Materials

Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences– Resources for use in the classroom

Rocks and minerals
Investigating rocks information sheet KS1-3
Investigating rock activities sheet KS1-3
Investigating minerals information sheet KS1-3
Investigating minerals activities sheet KS1-3

Investigating fossils information sheet KS1-3
Investigating fossils activities sheet KS1-3
Trace Fossils Handout about what fossils creatures leave behind for KS2
Dreadnoughtus schrani vs a blue whale Handout comparing the largest dinosaur found with a blue whale KS1-3
Bag of Bones Hands on activties to think like a palaeontologist KS1-2
Dinosaur Feet Make dinosaur feet to wear on your visist to the museum! KS1-2
Creatasaurus Draw your own dinosaur KS1-2

BBC Bitesize- Timeline of life on Earth      Duration 06:52

Mountains Class Clips from the BBC Bitesize website for KS2 (upper primary)


e.g. How the Southern Uplands of Scotland were formed

Previous version of BBC Bitesize also has good background information for older students and teachers 


The Amazing Burgess Shale Formation in Western Canada- the weirdest fossils you are likely to ever see



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