Healthy Living and Growing up

Link to Woodland School healthy livingHealthy Living Games

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Humans/Science games and activities.

Northern Ireland Healthy Living kids pageBBC Northern Ireland Web Links on the theme of Healthy Living



 Teeth and Eating
This BBC site for KS2 BITESIZE Science Living things – Teeth and Eating contains an activity and quiz to learn about different types of teeth.

BBC Science Class Clips Teeth and EatingBBC Science Clips  Teeth and Eating activity
Link to a whole set of activites for children aged
5-11 years.


Childrens Lunchbox
Tips and advice about what makes a healthy lunchbox.

Kids’ Health
This BBC site for kids health has information on nutrition and suggestions for packed lunches and snack ideas.
Culture Club
This BBC site for kids uses dance routines to learn about different cultures and keep’s you fit and active at the same time.
External sites
Eat well, be well
Healthy eating games from the Food Standards Agency
Eat better, do better
A host of activites for teachers and parents to help inform children of healthy eating habits

This site is packed with fast food facts and tries to encourage children to examine their fast foods so they can identify the healthiest fast food in a fun interactive quiz.


Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street Hospital designed this site to give tots, kids and teens information about their body. It’s got great activities and lots interesting facts.

Body & Mind
This American site is full of games and information about interesting ways to get fit and how to keep fit. Visit the ‘Immune Platoon’ to find out about your immune system and how it works.

10 Tips for Fitness and Healthy Eating
This American site contains a bright colourful display of 10 tips for fitness and healthy eating. It also includes an activity about nutrition and fitness.
The aims are positive and non-judgmental and the messages are clear and understandable.

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