sea sky websiteSea sky website
Lots of information about the different layers of the ocean, ocean exploration timeline, and a deep sea creature database. There is also the latest information on the seas and aquariums. Find information about the people and vessels that have dared to delve into the ocean depths. In the Sea Gallery, you’ll find some of the most beautiful images of the sea.

National Geographic OceansNational Geographic Oceans
Over half the world’s population lives within 120 miles of the coast, yet most of us view the ocean as a thing of beauty, of mystery, or simply a place to go to on holiday. Our vision is a healthy and productive ocean that benefits people and nature.

deep sea photographyDeep Sea Photography
This is a strange world of bizarre deep-sea fish, giant squid and glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence. And the deep ocean is by far the world’s largest habitat – making up around 97% of the ‘living space’ on Earth.

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