Bad Weather Information Line

Announcements regarding all school closures will be made on local and national radio stations (Moray Firth Radio and BBC Radio Scotland).  Information will also be published on and on Twitter – @theMorayCouncil.  School closure information can also be accessed by contacting the school through the School Information Line.

School Telephone information Line

When severe weather warnings are received Kinloss Primary School will endeavour to keep the system updated. It is an enhancement to the present service and does not replace existing methods of giving out information, such as radio broadcasts.

(Note that this is a 0870 service and charges are slightly higher than normal. However, there is no queuing and an adverse weather call should last less than 1 minute.

This service also offers the following facilities:

Up to 10 general school (non-urgent) announcements (option 3 below)
Parents can leave non-urgent messages, which are forwarded to the school email address in due course (option 2 below)
If you have pupils at two schools Option 4 below allows you to enter the PIN for the next school without re-dialing

Instructions for Use

1. Dial 0870 054 9999
2. Enter your school’s PIN number 031300 (Kinloss Primary School)
3. You will get a confirmation message – “Selected Kinloss Primary School”

You will then enter a menu system:
Press 1 – to hear severe weather information
Press 2 – to leave a non-urgent message
Press 3 – to hear general school information
Press 4 – to enter a different school PIN number
Press # – to end call

Please Note
Should parents wishing to leave an urgent message please speak to someone at the school directly.

When should I supply the school with emergency contact information?

It is very important for schools to maintain an up to date emergency telephone contact number for each pupil. To this end such information will be sought by the school to be updated annually at the start of each school session. Should there be any changes during the year parents are requested to advise the school immediately of such changes. This is of particular importance when dealing with pupils who are transported to school. (Look at “Pupil Transport” for further information.)

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