Points to remember

Every morning the children are expected to join the class line and wait to be
brought in by the teaching staff. Parents are asked not to approach teachers during this time. Parental appointments should be directed to the school administrator.

It is advisable not to send pupils to school more than 10 minutes before the start of their school day.

If the weather is very bad, children will be allowed, if circumstances allow, to go indoors, 10 minutes before the bell and wait until it rings.
After school, children are expected to go home immediately, unless they are due to stay for an after-school activity.

Only children who have written permission will be allowed home for lunch.

Children must not bring to school articles liable to cause injury or damage –
knives, darts, etc. Nor should they bring valuable items to school e.g. expensive jewellery, personal stereos, electronic games, mobile phones etc.

Smoking is not allowed on the school or anywhere in the school grounds –
including car parks, playing fields, shelters etc.

Dogs are not allowed on school premises or school grounds unless they are registered Guide Dogs accompanied by their owner.


This is the website for Kinloss Primary School in Moray