Travelling to School by bus, car and taxi

By Bus:
All primary pupils who live more than 2 miles from their school will be provided with free transport if that is their local catchment school. Door – to – door transport however is not guaranteed. In certain instances, children may be required to walk up to 2 miles as appropriate. Transport is provided to children living close to the village of Findhorn. The conditions under which children, living on or close to the bus route are entitled to free transport are obtainable from the school. Free transport is not generally provided to children who live outside the school’s catchment area. Application forms for bus passes are obtainable from the School Administrator. Bus drivers are instructed to drop children on their own side of the road.

By Taxi
: Taxis serve the country areas south, east and west of the school.
Entitlement to this service depends on the distance between home and school. Details and application forms may be sought from the school’s administrators.

By Car: Children travelling to school and transported by car should be dropped off at the gate by the front playground. This is clearly marked. There is no designated area for parent parking within the school grounds. For safety reasons, parents are requested not to block the school entrance.


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