Travelling to School by Bike and by Foot

Kinloss Primary SchoolBy Bicycle: It is at the parent’s discretion whether they allow their children to cycle to and from school. Children needing to cross the road from South Site should wheel their cycles across the road at the patrol crossing. Once inside the premises they should not ride their bikes. The school has a cycle storage shed which is used at the owner’s discretion and no liability can be accepted if any bike is damaged. It is at the owner’s risk that they take their cycle to school. Parents are reminded that children must not cycle on the pavement. Cycling is not advised for the pupils from primary 1-3. Please note cycling is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds.

By Foot
: As we are anxious to keep children well away from moving traffic
within the school, children walking to school should use either the pedestrian gate on the main road or the gate along from the Defence Housing Executive Office, but not the vehicle entrance from the main road. Children should always follow the Yellow Brick Road to access and exit from the playground if approaching from the south road area and must not cut across the car park at any time. Children who have to cross the road to and from South Site must cross at the School Crossing Patrol. Parents are welcome to accompany their children to school and to meet them at
the end of the day at the rear of the building in the playground.


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