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Social Enterprise Fruit Sorbet in P6

P6 pupils took part in the Social Enterprise by creating and selling Fruit Sorbet raising funds for developing education in  third world country. The activity followed on from the P4’s Taste of Scotland and their Coffee Morning and the P2- P7 Christmas Cake sale which started the ball rolling for Social Enterprise. We intend to continue to develop this next session with more classes and more pupils getting involved in a variety of pupil-led activities and events.


Enterprise Afternoon

Today the whole school took part in an Enterprise afternoon. Parents were invited to come into the school and to see what the children had made.The planning began a few weeks ago when each class had to decide what they could make and then sell. Once they had decided they had to collect together the resources and equipment to make their chosen products. Some of the classes wrote to local businesses to see if a business would donate what they needed. Other classes bought the resources locally or through specialist catalogues.

The school bustled with activity throughout the afternoon. Most of the classes were able to sell all their products during the afternoon. The children enjoyed meeting new people and using their selling skills to make a successful sale.