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Olympic flame visits Kinloss Primary

Today the Olympic flame came to visit Kinloss Primary School.. Abi O’Grady came with her torch, which she had carried on the torch relay. She ran with the flame in Grantown. The children could hold the torch and learn about what it was like to carry it from Abi. It was a very interesting visit.

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Read more about it here.


Moray Olympic Torch Relay

On Wednesday 13th June the Moray Olympic Torch Relay came to Kinloss Primary School. The Kinloss Orienteering team were chosen to take part in the Moray Torch Relay.The Torch had been carried round all the local schools.  The Kinloss team ran from one end of the village to the other and then passed the torch to a team of adults who continued onto the next school in the area.

Here are some pictures of the activities on the day.

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