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Children’s story
The history of Scottish education.
This film from 1938 about the history of Scottish Education was made under the supervision of John Grierson for screening at the Empire Exhibition. The film looks at primary and secondary schools and further education.


See also the Scottish Screen Archive

The Scottish Screen Archive is a film and video collection of over 100 years of Scotland’s history. It does not require a login.

The archive reflects:

    • 20th-century Scottish social, cultural and industrial history
    • The lives of ordinary Scots across the generation
    • The achievements of Scottish film-makers in the craft of film production.

The archive houses more than 32,000 items, mostly non-fiction, including:

    • Documentaries
    • Newsreels
    • Educational material
    • Television and public information films
    • Industrial materia
    • Advertising and promotional material.

British Pathe News (access only in schools and libraries)

British Pathe film websiteBritish Pathé is one of the oldest media companies in the world.


Their roots lie in 1890s Paris where their founder, Charles Pathé, pioneered the development of the moving image.


They were established in London in 1902, and by 1910 were producing their famous bi-weekly newsreel the Pathé Gazette. After the First World War they started producing various Cinemagazines as well. By 1930 they were producing the Gazette, the Pathetone Weekly, the Pathé Pictorial and Eve’s Film Review, covering entertainment, culture and womens’ issues.


By the time Pathé finally stopped producing the cinema newsreel in 1970 they had accumulated 3500 hours of filmed history amounting to over 90,000 individual items.


Whereas all professional usages still require a licence fee we are delighted to be able to offer free “preview” facilities on this site.


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