Natural Events

Natural processes and disasters Classroom Resources
a BBC series of Class clips

including MonsoonBBC Class Clips Monsoon in Bangladesh  BBC Class Clips moon Bangladesh

Monsoon Rain   this short video shows creatures
in the monsoon rain
of Southern India.
Monsoon rain BBC Class clips




British Columbia (Canadian Province)  Response to disaster

If you want to become a “Master of Disaster“, you’ve come to the right place!British Columbian Government website Master of Disaster

Here, teachers and parents can access learning resources, supporting documents and a multimedia library to help children and students learn about hazards in British Columbia and what it means to get – and be – prepared.

Personal preparedness:  

Hazard worksheets -The .doc versions of the worksheets can be modified and customized to meet the needs of the classroom.

Using the Know the risks: Hazard and preparedness cards, have students do a “pull, call-out, match, run!” exercise. This can be done as a class or in teams as a race.

Australian Government Disaster Resilience for Schools website Australian Government Disaster Resilience Program for Schools

Floods, Bushfire, Drought, Cyclone, Earthquake, Severe Storms, Tsunami, Heatwave, Pandemic, Human Caused, Volcano, Climate change and finally Landslide.

before the stormWould you survive a severe
Play the Before the Storm Game online


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